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TH: Ichirou Kazehiko by Kuuru-kun TH: Ichirou Kazehiko by Kuuru-kun
I'll edit his app with more artsu later :iconpapcryplz:

Name: Kazehiko, Ichirou
Nickname: Ichi-kun, Ichi-chan, Cheechee-chan... and.. uh... whatever you guys can think of :iconneveraloneplz:

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual  for now//slapped and slighty asexual :iconpapmingplz:
Age: 18
Grade: 3rd

Dormitory: Tamagawa~
Club: Archery :iconkiligplz:

-... Archery :iconneveraloneplz:
- Fish (as food)
-Fish (as not food :icondeyedplz:) and other marine animals
-Mystery books/shows/movies/games/etc.
-Booths :iconheyboyplz:

-Being nagged
-Effort :iconaliensguyplz:
-Loud, annoying people
-Soccer/football (He's kinda clumsy :iconimboboplz:)

Personality: ||Nonchalant||Intellectual||Awkward||Slightly potty-mouthed||Blunt||
Ichirou is pretty much a kuudere :icongtthplz: He doesn't care much for others, and doesn't really have the motivation to help people in need. He can be pretty cold towards you, or sometimes he won't even acknowledge you and just ignores what you say. If you manage to start a conversation with him, it probably won't last very long, unless you're the one keeping the conversation going. He still has feelings, though, and he does express them sometimes, if he really cares for you. Same thing if he hates you as well. He's not going to sugar coat it if he dislikes you. He might even drop in some less than polite words as well to emphasize his point. :iconhappy-smileplz: When he does archery, though, he becomes a lot more relaxed and his mood brightens too. Ichirou is pretty smart academically, especially towards the math subject area thing. Although he's worried about sounding like a nerd, so he never offers to solve any problems in class. 
(Will add more as I develop his personality :iconshaplz:)

As a child, Ichirou was never really social. The amount of people and all the kids around scared him, and he was always wary of big crowds. He stayed inside most of the time, playing with his stuffed animals, watching the other kids outside through his window. He never participated in class either, so his marks weren't very good. His parents were pretty worried about him at that time, thinking that he could be mute or deaf or something. The one time he decided to venture out to the playground, he met a girl named Natsumi with her babysitter. :iconohyoucasplz: He didn't really talk to her at first, but she acted so high an mighty... that he just had to retort. By the end of the day, they had become pretty good friends. It turned out they lived within walking distance from each other, so he visited her place often. (mostly since her house was a lot bigger) They went to the playground a lot, and talked about things like hobbies, dreams, and futures. They promised that when they grew up, Natsumi would become a famous violinist and Ichirou would be her secret undercover detective bodyguard to protect her from the paparazzi. :iconneveraloneplz:

In elementary school, he started opening up a bit more to people in general, participating more in class, being excited for candy and rewards and winning stuff, just like any normal kid. His parents stopped worrying about him and left him with Natsumi and her babysitter most of the time. He developed really strong relationships with both of them, and looked forward to seeing them every day after school. So you can imagine how heartbroken he was when he was torn away from them during his first move with his family. They didn't move very far, to Miyoshi in the Saitama prefecture, about 40 minutes away from his old home, for a slightly smaller population in hopes of helping Ichirou focus more and getting a better education. He stayed in a pretty depressed mood for about a year before he finally grew up and moved on with his life. He started focusing on his grades more than anything else. Although his parents were pleased, he felt really empty. He wanted something to do in his spare time, but he couldn't figure out what. His parents brought him to art classes, soccer camp, swimming lessons - but nothing was right.

Junior high was probably the toughest time in his life with, like, puberty and horror-mone raging and stuff like that :iconcoolplz: Also it seemed like suddenly, everyone cared about being "kuuru cool" and being part of the "in group". Ichirou got dragged into that group by his friends (that he somehow managed to make during middle school--). He got teased a lot for actually still caring about school while the rest of them just went to skate parks or the mall. The friends that he had finally gotten close to started drifting away again, and he was constantly alone. Soon enough, he was "just another kid" at school. Not popular, but not really noticed at all. He was fine with that, even though he was alone, he wasn't lonely. Probably because those people weren't his real friends. He'd be reunited with his real friend soon, even if he didn't know it.

The summer before he started high school, his parents announced they were moving back. His mother found a well-paying job back in Old Tokyo, and they would get him the best education at a school called Tachikawa. His feelings were pretty neutral about this, because at that time, he didn't really care anymore. They moved back, and Ichirou joined the school, determined to not let anyone affect him, and just get school done with. He didn't join any clubs at first, since he still hadn't found anything that he liked to do. One day, as he was walking home, someone ran past him, dropping a paper when they accidentally bumped into him. He picked it up. "Archery club". He went home and watched a whole bunch of videos about archery. He admired how badass people looked while they shot an arrow and had it lodge into a target. The next day, he signed up and he's been in love with it ever since. It's the only thing besides school that he had ever put effort into. 
A year later, he heard his parents talking excitedly at home, and that day he learned that Natsumi would be going to Tachikawa as well. He hadn't seen her for... for... for a really long time, and he felt kinda worried about seeing her again, since they probably both changed a lot. But no, Natsumi was still that bossy, dramatic princess and Ichirou was still his anti-social, nonchalant self. School suddenly became a lot less empty.

Additional Info:
-Only child
-Always puts his hands in his pockets when he walks
-His weakness is Black Thunder chocolate bars
-His best friend is Natsumi :iconmhmmplz:<3
-He doesn't mind helping people study (it's probably one of the only times he'll ever help anyone do anything :iconmingplz:)


"Umm... no :iconsetosmileplz:"
"Aha... haha :iconorekismileplz:"
"Who needs a hobby anyways? :iconimsotiredplz:"

Natsumi Mochizuki: ..: TH :.. Natsumi Mochizuki --App-- by PunYun-Chan Childhood friend :iconforeveralonemouthplz:<3

gdi backstories :iconlazypoolplz: I hate making them cause I'm seriously so unorig.
Ummm feel free to RP with me if I make it in :iconteyuplz:<3 He might be a bit of a douche but he still likes meeting people... kinda-- :icongtthplz://slapped
RP methods: Comments or notes are most convenient for me ;v; If you reaaalllyy wanna use Skype, I can do that too. My name thingy is ami-desu and my profile picture is the one with the boy holding flowers :iconheyboyplz:
Ichirou belongs to me
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